A horrific skull lies in an open field, mouth agape. Mountains and Abrimur city decorate the horizon.

It’s time for an update on my dark fantasy novel. Big sigh – I’m terrible at this!

Disclaimer: most of my content is NSFW. 18+ only please, you’ve been warned.

Hey, everyone. I should probably explain my long absence; 2020 decided to go out with a bigger bang than it came with.

Since my last post, I’ve travelled across the world to return to Europe, lost a deeply important relationship, then lost my father a few days before Christmas. I’ve basically been mourning for a year and a half (not sure if I mentioned a few losses over the course of 2020 but there were a few), which left room for my anxiety to rule my time. I stopped eating and sleeping enough for a few months and I’m only now getting back to healthier pratices – she says, up at 08:30 after being up all night… I’m sure a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about. However, I discovered a few writing communities on Twitter and Discord that have been unbelievably supportive. So have my friends and family and some sporadic yoga sessions. I’m ready(ish) to tackle the rest of this writing journey.

Dark fantasy novel update:

Some fun news: there’s new concept art up in the Universe section. Specifically, thar be demons! Speaking of concept art, the featured image for this post is an early cover idea that my artist and I scrapped. We decided it didn’t set the right tone but isn’t it neat?! It’s relevant to the story and it’s got a basic idea of what Abrimur city kind of looks like! Also, I want to post a few topics in the forum section… maybe do a basic AMA for anyone who wants sneak peeks into my Moonborne universe.

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