2020’s been one hell of a ride.

Had I known what it had in store for me and mine, I might’ve written a strongly worded letter to the new year and asked it to eff right off. Sadly, it caught the world off-guard in an epic way and the rest of life decided to join in on the fun.

It’s been six months since the lockdown clamped the world down to its knees and although some places have gone back to normal, I’m in a country where the restrictions are still in effect. We were only supposed to be here for a month to lay a loved one to rest but just two weeks before we were to fly back home, Covid-19 took over our lives. I haven’t seen my mother in that time despite her staying only a half hour away. We’ve lost three family members to other things, a parent survived the virus, and I haven’t pet a dog in months. It’s been dire.

But, as with everything, there’s a silver lining – quarantine gave me the time and motivation to finally finish my first book. I started it in summer 2018 and I don’t think I believed I’d ever complete the thing. But here I am, two years later, actually ready to send the manuscript off to a professional editor and working with other experts on the rest of my professional needs.

I’m here, with a manuscript, on the cusp of opening my world to scrutiny… but to build a proper platform that I hope my universe deserves, I’m relenting and accepting that running a blog might be in its best interests. Welcome to the Moonborne universe, and my new corner of the internet.

I hope you enjoy it and be careful out there.