Erode the stone
Impede the flow
I’ll take your sorrow
So you can grow



3 A.M.

It’s 1 a.m.
With rum for company and
Tequila to see this through

It’s 3 a.m.
And I’m only drunk on
Thoughts of you


It’s love, not regret,
Lingering on my fingers.




Scarves in Summer

I’ve got a tightness in my chest
Spreading to thoughts about
Your mouth tasting my breasts
Pull me by my hips
Silence my screams with your lips
Bite me into submission
Leave your marks on my flesh

I’ve got a hunger to devote
To fever dreams about
Your hands around my throat
Push me to my knees
Make me forget how to breathe
I want to be the good girl
Tied to the end of your rope

I’ll stifle my moans in your neck
Sink my teeth in your skin
Make you want nothing less
Just take what you like
Kiss me and swallow my cries
We come, together undone
Leave me a trembling mess

Leave me your bruises all summer
Desire burns in me as
I wear your scars in summer
Dreaming of the heat
And lust shared between our sheets
Leave your marks, I’ll keep them all
Under my scarves in summer





















Last Sunday

Last Sunday
I went to sell my soul
The blind man on the corner
He told me where to go
The lady by the gallows
She told me what to do

Find yourself a crossroads
Bury your desires
Bury them in a birch box
Pile up some bird bones
And build a little pyre

Bury the box at the crossroads
Mark it with the bones
Wait for the witching hour
Set it all on fire
And border it with stones

I did all this and knelt
And watched the licking flames
I listened to the crackling bones
The popping wood
And waited
Waited ‘til he came

The devil appeared before me
Disdain upon his brow
He circled me
He stared me down
What seek you? He growled

My body shook, my voice, it broke
I-I want, I stammered weakly
I want a patient kind of love
That won’t hate
The cracks in me

He was a man of smoke and embers
The voice of absolute deceit
He sized me up with eyes a-burnin’
And asked me
What have you to give?

I offered him soul
Without a second thought
This man of smoke and embers
He reached into my being
And pulled my soul right out

Despite the fire I’d built
A chill crept up my spine
The man inspected
That wispy, fragile thing
That little soul of mine

The devil handed back my soul
And turned his back to leave
Wait, I cried, I want to trade
I only trade for value
What more can I give? I begged

He stared me in the eyes
And bore into my core
He huffed, shook his head
And with pity said
Nothing, girl, you’ve got nothing more