Damon Barret Roe is the pen name for a 30-something indie author obsessed with all things horrific and fantastic. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology that – in true millennial fashion – she has no intention of using. Instead, she hopes to make a successful career out of building worlds, writing stories, and spreading heebie jeebies.

Damon works for Quill & Crow Publishing house as an associate and the lead on the gothic lit e-zine, The Crow's Quill. She co-edited and -curated the anthology, Eros & Thanatos: An Anthology on Death & Desire. She also has an editing credit in the anthology Grimm & Dread, and is a published poet, with her work appearing in Crow Calls Volume 3. She plans to make freelance copy- and line-editing services available soon.

She lives somewhere in Europe with her parents until she makes the money to escape their loving home and abandon her siblings to their unending parental support, mostly so she can get lots of cats and dogs... And so she can stop having to socialise.

Damon is Latin American but was raised all over the world in a multicultural home. She channels this upbringing and her queer orientation in her writing, focusing on themes of equality and oppression.

Also she really likes swearing.

She is querying her novel, the first installment in her original Moonborne series.

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